Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Two Days of Art Moving...

Well, I tried to write my blog around the picture last night... but it wouldn't go... "Publihing Was Unsuccesful", I was told. Frustrated, I just posted the pic. Tonight, I'm not in the mood for that, so I just posted the pic and will write above it.
Yesterday I started out by picking up artwork from two dealers/galleries... I'd just realised the night before that they were going to the same place. Even though I had diferent times in my book, I was able to arrange it to make the two pick ups and only the on drop off. The building I was going to has 40 floors and the loading dock has room for 2 vehicles... this is seriously wrong and there ought to be a law. I parked on the street and in the time it took me to get my ID sticker, I had a $75 ticket. I started carting the work from accross the street and the security woman said I could back in, in front of one of the trucks... by the time I was able to do that, she was on break and the guy that replaced her wanted to give me a hard time. He finally let me unload and I had to drive around the block and re-park before I could bring the stuff upstairs. Whew !!! Out to Roslindae to paint the walls of one room, Paul was there alone and I didn't really want that (Lowell was a no-show). In communication with Stephen and Michael... but they were fine. A quick stop at the Plough and I was home to wrestle with my Blog.
Today it was all over again in reverse. This time I was able to get into the loading dock after only 4 trips around the block. I'd found a semi-legal spot on the street and as I was getting my pic taken, the security guy saw that the meter maid was on the scene... viewing it from his TV monitor. A truck was leaving the dock and he promised me a space... so it was around the block again. As I came around another truck was backing in, but the security guy made him scootch over so that I could fit in... (I have to admit that these security people are ever so accomodating) Upstairs... grabbed the artwork (hastily rewrapped, I found) and I was of to the
gallery. A quick lunch and I was down to Summer Street to pick up for a delivery to the same building that the rest of my load was going. Delivered all of that... and back to Roslindale to help those guys clean up... almost done that job... just Paul there tomorrow. Drove out to Dover but that lot was gone. Home to make a whole lot of phone calls. One to Bob Ferrandini, an old art school friend, who had a stroke a couple of years ago, his birthday... he sounded better than he has in a long time.
And Sylvia's falling asleep wanting to read this...


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