Friday, July 30, 2004

This Would Be Friday

Not to quick out of the gate this morning. Stopped at the framers to get the "right stuff" to install the piece I couldn't manage yesterday. On to the painting job. Three out of three again !!! After all, it IS payday. I put a final coat on a few walls, did some detail work and painted all the doors in the place. The other guys did whatever they do, finishing it up,nicely. I went around the corner to install the piece from yesterday...15 minutes with the right tools. Found out that this client was friends with some of my other clients and ended up getting a job fixing some closet doors. (I guess that I network in many arenas). Back to the painting job to load up the van and rearrange the furniture. I'll have to go back sometime next week to reinstall the artwork. Gave the guys their pay packets (funny,there wasn't one for me). To the grocery and then home... Tomorrow Syl and I are off to an Italian festival in the North End, where they take a statue of some goddess out of her sanctuary and parade her through the streets,stopping so that old ladies can lean out the window to put garlands os dollar bills on her.... more on that tomorrow.


Blogger michael said...

My Friday was very similar only I didnt do any painting, didnt hand out any pay packets, didnt fix some closet doors and mostly played around on the computer and went to see my son get a "stifficate" for being talented and clever.
The festival of the madonna paraded through the streets sounds fun- look forward to hearing about it.

3:38 AM  

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