Thursday, July 29, 2004

posting a pic

So... thanks to Michael I've figured out how to post a picture. Now, I have to figure out how to put it where I want it. I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things, here.
I got to the job this morning to find that 3 out of 3 had shown up !!! Imagine that. I finished off a bathroom and gave the dining room a second coat, while those guys prepped and painted other bits of the house. We're in good shape to finish either tomorrow or Monday. I'll have to corral Meredyth to place the artwork and then I'll install it... should be a day long event, as it's a large collection. In the afternoon I had to run off and do a couple of installations with an art consultant... dreadful decorative stuff. We had to abort mission on one piece that's to be hung away from the wall, by cables from the ceiling. I didn't have a proper crimper for the sleeves that hold it all together...back for a minute or two tomorrow.
I forgot to mention that as I drove through the city yesterday there was a troup of state policemen stopping all trucks. Checking them for bombs, I suppose. The whole city has been weird this week with the DNC and all. The van in front of me got pulled over...but I sailed through... luckily.


Blogger michael said...

Flickr tends to plonk the photo down in the middle of the day you are working on. You cant put it where you want as far asI know. Mind you, you can write as much as you want to go bside it so it looks very neat and always on the left hand side. Well it is on my blog anayway. How youm change the writing to the right is another matter. maybe JollyRoger knows?

Its a bit fresher today here- that clammy weather has gone thank goodness. its Achies last day at summer School. i think he's quietly relieved! He should have done foresic science not drama but it was over subscribed.

All the best, Michael

4:11 AM  

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