Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Rick's Loft

So I went out to deliver a couple of paintings to Rick in North Adams on Saturday. Two and a half hour drive...(an easy jaunt for you Texans, but a major excursion for the Brits). A nice visit... he seems fairly well set up and working. They got less snow than we did... and they're threatening more for us.
Monday was a presentation from hell... get all the big paintings out of the van in the loading dock... take them to the elevator that takes you to the second elevator that finally gets you to the floor that you need. Do the presentation, then all the moving in reverse. After all this monkey business, I went to lunch over in Brighton enroute to another errand. Got myself SERIOUSLY stuck in a snow bank. Had to buy a shovel as I didn't have one with me... a good Samaratin showed up to help me out and in the process of trying to push the van he fell and got soaked. I felt horrible... I only had $7 cash (after having purchased the shovel) and offered to go around the corner to the cash point... but he demurred and wandered off.
Today I drove into Boston just in time to run into the parade route for the Patriot's victory celebration, having won the Super Bowel. Was able to evade it. Picked up the art, delivered and installed it at place that they require me to be a USA citizen... odd that, I'm only working in common areas and have no idea what kind of hush/hush things they might do there. On the way down I saw a fleet of buses with a police escort heading in the opposite direction. Obviously the team heading up... on the way back I saw them again, back to the stadium.
Tomorrow appears to be a REAL LONG day... painting in the morning anda presentation starting at 5:00...

Rick's Loft
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Blogger Ed Giecek said...

Hay Jonathan... Throw in a line about the Mayflower, have a blowling ball knock you off yer snow shovel, and maybe a foot come through the elevator line... and you got yerself your very own 115th dreem!

Cool studio. Thank'z for posting.

1:10 PM  
Blogger michael said...

Nice long thin elongated story. Still lots of snow about it seems. None here or even a hint of it - quite mild infact. I went into town with an overcoat on and felt very overdressed but it was handy to hide the digital camera around my neck dangling on its plastic covered chain. I took a few shots of shop windows and pub signs. you can see them over at Flickr.
Not very exciting but I felt very subversive and got some funny looks as i whipped out the camera for a quick flash !

2:48 PM  

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