Monday, January 31, 2005

A Big Old Week Goes By...

As you've all heard, we did in fact get a real blizzard last weekend. 24 inches in the front yard as of Sunday evening. Despite Sylvia's protestations (she was still at work), I headed out into the storm for my weekly walk to the Plough. I needed the adventure. No cars, people shoveling... Just snow, sometimes blowing into whiteout conditions. I was wearing that warm wooly hat that Sylvia had given me and got quite a few comments on it during my trek. I arrived to be the only customer for the first hour or so... nice, that. Unfortunately, I didn't have a crossword, as the paper hadn't been delivered. More people out on my return trip... for some reason a big snowstorm makes people happy and friendly. They'll look you in the eye, smile, say. "Hi"... things that don't happen on a normal kind of day.
The workweek for me was postponed for a day... I caught up on some paperwork and in the afternoon walked to the Plough again, this time with Sylvia's blessing. The snow had been cleared much better in Somerville than in Cambridge. On my return Syl showed me a newspaper clipping that Michael had sent from England, of the snow here in Somerville. That was pretty cool.
Tuesday I set Paul up on a small painting job and then drove down to Providence, RI to hang 35 or so pictures. I'd parked right outside of the tallest building in the city (29 floors), I'd asked security if I'd be all right there and the two guys looked at each other, shrugged and said, "Well, you won't get towed". Good enough for me at the time. When I got done there was a big orange sticker on my drivers door window, announcing that I'd been a bad boy, that they'd jotted down my plate number and that if I did it again, it would be noted on my permanent record (and I'd be towed).
Wednesday it snowed again... another 8 inches. I was doing a few art deliveries... picking up a big (5'x4') photograph mounted on aluminum in Newton and a 4'x4' painting in Belmont. Both to be delivered to galleries on Newbury St. in Boston. While getting out of the van in Belmont, trying to wrestle out the tape and packing material... I dropped my keys into the snow bank. 20 minutes of panicked searching finally found them.
Thursday and Friday were relatively uneventful as I worked with Paul on the painting job.
Satuday, Syl and I went out to Chinatown for dimsum, then over to the ICA (read her description of it).
Sunday... a LONG walk to the Plough... having to detour to the other side of Cambridge to collect a check.
So... there's that week... sorry to make such a task of this blog. Yes, I'm working on getting more pictures on here.


Blogger michael said...

All that snow and smiles too! Sounds like its working its magic. Archie would be all smiles that's for sure if the snow was an inch thick let alone three feet or whatever it is!
The surveyor was a nice enough chap but annoying that he seemed so negative about our shed removal and the party wall etc. Seemed like he trying to find things to go wrong! Especially annoying since the other fellow who came first seemed to think it would all be fine and he could foresee no problems. "Pretty straightforward" he said. Now we'll have to wait for them to get together and sort it out. maybe the measurements will have to be changed?
O well. Archie is still full of cold and likely to be off tomorrow as its PE and they go outside to play football which he hates anyway. So he should be better by next monday but a lot of school work to catch up with! he did two very funny short animated films today( about 5 seconds each) of a bit of Spike Jones "joke" he found in itunes and growls and farts of lion at beginnin g of a parody of The Lion Sleeps Tonight butgg it was the Lion Farts Tonight! 12 year old boys find this hysterically funny for some reason!

5:06 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

C'mon, Michael... we're males... farts are hysterically funny...

7:24 PM  
Blogger Ed Giecek said...

Michael... I'm laughin' just thinking about it... And I've never heard the parody.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:48 PM  

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