Monday, September 14, 2009

A Busy Monday

Yesterday, of course, I walked over to the Plough. Mickey showed up, but she was going to the ballgame, so I was alone with the crossword. Did fairly well with some help from Duggan. Mickey finally returned after the game, but by that time it was time for me to make the walk home. I returned to find that I'd sold a Maxfield Parrish print on eBay. Now I have to figure out how to ship it.
Today I started by picking up artwork at the framers. When I asked them for advice for shipping my piece they rolled thier eyes (it's under glass). They did give me some low tac adhesive paper to apply to the glass... dunno if this just keeps the glass intact if it breaks or actually helps to keep the glass from breaking.
On to the first client where I installed the 4 pieces I'd collected at the framers, directed by the art consultant. The next client needed 14 pieces moved from her studio to the basement of her home. Simple enough. Went on to pick up paint for the kitchen window and check out mirror boxes at UHaul. When I said the piece was under glass the guy advised me against shipping in that sort of box. I decided that the best way out of this was to build a crate. It'll cost me a lot more for the shipping than I'd planned (or recieved from the buyer) but a much better chance of it arriving safely. Went to Home Depot to get the makings for the crate. Home to paint the kitchen windows, luckily it didn't take as long as I'd expected. Then started in on building the crate. I won't finish it tonight, but I've got a good start.
Tomorrow is Sylvia's birthday... I guess we're going out to dinner.


Blogger wastedpapiers said...

Shipping things under glass is always a nightmare and I try to avoid it if I can - sending stuff unglazed or with plexiglass. It's not cheap though! Hope you got a good price for your print and all the work making a crate is worth the hassle Jonathan!

We are send love and best wishes to Sylvia on her birthday!

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