Wednesday, September 09, 2009

OK... It's Been a Long Time

So summer comes to an end...
Not a great summer by any means.
It rained in the beginning and we only had a little heat wave early in August.
Actually, Syl and I went to Montreal for a week in June
and the weather was better. People comented on my tan !!!
(you couldn't have acquired one here)
Sad to report that we had three friends pass away...
in the space of a week. I loved the others, but it was
Joe Scurio that affected me most. He was a great musician and friend.
As I was leaving the pub on my birthday he offered to buy me a beer...
I had to go so he said, "I'll catch you next time".
He had a fatal heart attack 4 hours later.
3 days of wakes, funerals and memorial services followed.
Always makes one consider his own mortality. (selfish, that)
And we wander into autumn...
I've had little work so I've spent time trying to put my studio in order...
actually painted today after a long hiatus.
Doing my best to make lemons into lemonade.


Blogger wastedpapiers said...

Your Summer sounds a lot like ours - lots of rain and mini heatwave in the middle! So much for the bar-b-q summer they promised us back in the spring!
At least we are having a bit of an indian summer now.

3:11 AM  

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