Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finally we go see DADA at MOMA

Friday the 14th... We're all to meet in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)at 10:00. So, I'm up early enough to pack my gear back up and check out of the hotel...putting my stuff in a locker, to collect later. Subway uptown (might as well use the card I'd purchased) with enough time for a coffee and a paper. Arriving at MoMa, I see Jas Felter in the queue. He shows me his international museum pass and I'm very impressed. Meanwhile, Joel arrives, with a bunch of others and starts doing a head count, collecting money, trying to get us the group rate. At one point he starts to panic that we won't have a big enough group and tells us to recruit members for our group. Wasn't necessary. He gives us a pep talk, just before we go in... "Don't talk too long about an object... Give others a chance to talk..." And after a photo shoot, we go in and all head in our own directions... no group at all. We do bump into each other as we look it over, but we're on our own. Good to see the real stuff... Duchamp, Schwitters (that was great), Picabia, Ernst, Hannah Hoch collages and dolls, that you don't see often. I'd seen more than half the stuff before, but it was grand to see the lot together. We were to meet up back in the lobby at 2:00... gave me time to take in the rest of the museum. Marilyn Rosenberg directed us to a burger joint down the street and we commandeered enough table space. Lunch, more photos and a few pass around art projects. After that, we were on our own for a while... some went back to MoMA. Me I walked up to a gallery that had a Flickr Self Portrait project going. Sorry, I can't find the details at the moment. The gallery had about a dozen computers set up to access the portraits posted. You could view them by "Gallery favorites" "Public Favorites"... I'm really sorry that I can't find the link. So... downton again. Early again, and I'm back Fanellis. Got into a conversation with the guy next to me and the bartender... I'm about to bugger out when the bartender GRABS the glass from my hand! He tops it up for me! I'm not used to this wonderful treatment.
So it's on to Katz's... the crew is showing up. The usual picture taking and all. Until Mark Bloch shows up... with just two sheets printed up, this time. One, he gives to me, (how did I get into this ???). Entitled "RĂ£ge"... a tirade against an unamed (but known) participant. I told Mark that he shouldn't deliver the other copy. But, then I had to kiss everyone goodbye... in order to get my self and make the bus. Ran into Anna Boschi on the street and kissed her goodbye as well.
10:00 0'clock bus out and I was home by 2:00.
Gawd it was good fun....


Blogger michael said...

Sounds like another interesting day in NY Jonathan. Envious of your ~MOMA excursion.

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