Friday, January 27, 2006

It's About Time !!!

Oh, dear...
Well, I'm finally back to it. I think... hopefully, we'll get better as we go along.
It's a busy winter, more work than usual. (how is it that I'm still poverty stricken)?
Paul and I were trying to finish up a job today, but that didn't happen. A few more doors to paint and artwork to be placed.
To the pub we go... The People's Republik... no heat... at least the second time this week. The Plough and Stars is still locked up... it's been sold and all that, but there seems to be little effort toward reopening the joint.
In the meantime, we've quit smoking, here... me, cold turkey. Not too big a deal most of the time, since I haven't smoked during the day for a couple of years. So, at home there are a few "moments".
I've been painting pictures with the intent of flogging them to the art consultants, as I've been watching them sell crap for a while. We'll see...
We'll visit a museum tomorrow...


Blogger michael said...

It almosdt is! Good to see you back blogging Jonathan. Archie will be back from skiing lesson soon so have to be quick with my comment as got to get the lunch on. Good you have given up smoking. Hope the painting pushing goes well.
Just mended a tap washer. Amazing how many times you have to run up and down the stairs to the shed before you get the right tools! Did it eventually with much cursing. Still not right but at least it works now.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

I can fix things for other people... but at home ??? I never have the right tool at hand... It's always on the job. Way more things to go wrong at home...

6:04 PM  

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