Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Painting Job on the Cape...

Dunno what happened to that last pic... I'll try to post it back...
It's about time that I told about the latest job away from home on the Cape. Cape Cod, that is... Truro, a good two and an half drive from home.
We arrived to be informed that there was a deadline... something that we didn't know before. To make matters worse, there were floor guys tearing up floors to be replaced on the ground level. We started in on the second level covering the floors with drop cloths and rosin paper. It took all day for the crew to arrive... five of us and actually Paul didn't get there until the second day. Patching, priming, painting... the usual. In the evening we made camp in the middle of the place... cooked dinner and watched TV. To bed, to get up and keep on working. It went on like this for five days... I left the house once to get more paint. No food stealing this time... actually everyone was most generous. The collection of empty beer bottles was rather over the top, but we carted them out at the end of the week.
The second week there were only four of us... Lowell needed some tooth work done. The floor guys were out and we had three days to paint two bathrooms, three bedrooms and a hallway. Three ten hour days... but we got it done.
There had been a scare about scratched floors... only heard from people that hadn't been there to see... turned into nought, thank goodness.
Upon payment, I was told how much better the place looked cleaned.... they have no idea how much cleaning WE did
So, it's back home to three jobs a day... Started today with making an ongoing job continue (start a new room and show the guys what needed attention in the previous), on to paint some accent walls in a gallery, downtown... then an emergency art installation... (the painting is back from getting repaired, can you hang it this afternoon???) Ah... to be home again...


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Whoever said that artists don't work? Sounds like a tough assignment.

The picture below... a nice piece of conceptual art. I'd take out the Flickr referance in the corner though.


7:36 AM  
Blogger michael said...

Busy Busy! You will be glad to get home after all of this. Hope it all goes well. I cant see the picture. that Roger must have supervision fitted to his PC I guess. He just has to be different! Just backl from seeing harry spotter and the goblet of spit. It was quite good but overlong. Thankfully had a 10 minute interval so we could get the blood circulating again!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Reverb Joe said...

Johnathan, why did Paul show up the second day instead of the first.

7:54 AM  

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