Thursday, November 10, 2005

Back to the Cape we go...

Next week we start a painting job WAY down Cape Cod, in Truro. The entire interior of a summer home for one of our local clients. I went down today to get final instructions and try to sort out some of our living arrangements... we'll be staying there for a week, home for the weekend, then a short week because of Thanksgiving. I brought two mattresses and a futon, belonging to the client down. (The house is unfurnished). There were still plenty of carpenters and floor guys there, but I was assured that they'd be cleared out by the time that we arrive on Monday. Got the specs from the client and she pointed out that there were pots and pans, silverware and plates, a working stove and microwave. It should be interesting to see if we can all live together for a week without too many rifts, given the past springs problems with food stealing and all. The client is thrilled with the place... but it's a wreck from a painters point of view. (I'm guessing that the builder ran out of money and skimped on the finish work). Maybe skimped on everything, as the roof has been replaced, new windows, new exterior siding and the floors have been redone. So, we're the last guys to make this place look right.
Meanwhile... yesterday I brought a painting to Newton Art Center for their annual benefit (see above) and the guy who accepted it told me that he had two of mine and that he enjoyed them.
Not the worst thing to hear.


Blogger michael said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy. Hope it all went well and nobody stole the food! Not much nourishment in putty and oil paint!

2:50 PM  

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