Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Cold and Rainy...

It's been raining for days... cold, hasn't broken 11C for a week.
This is the end of May? The weekend is Memorial Day... supposedly the start of summer. Got some catching up to do... Syl works Saturday and Sunday, just got the Monday off. I'll be working a bit on Saturday, too... putting up an exhibition at Lincol Library.
The weather is messing up my schedule. A small exterior has to get done before I go on to a larger interior project (unfortunately, I wasn't able to switch them). Filled in with some little things. Tomorrow I do an installation and drive some artwork around... then back to the Cape on Friday to finish off a couple of ceilings.
Nice mail from Snap... surprised that she sent an estate sale painting that I'd admired. I'll respond in kind. A lot of mail I have to get out. Art Nahpro has given me a Flickr "pro" account, so I've gotta get more pics on.
In a bit of a mood, with the weather.
I'll try back, later...


Blogger michael said...

Its been a bit dreary here too if its any consellation. But thankfully a bright start this morning and quite warm and summerish (no such word). Archie is having his breakfast and looking forward to half term next week ( also a bank holiday on monday so hazel gets a day off too) So maybe we will go out to places. Boot sales in the offing, though none in the local rag. Sorry Syl has to work at the weekend.
I'm still rattling with anti-biotics but no real benefit from them as far as i can make-out. Some days i feel better than others but still problems that have to be sorted. I dread the thought of a specialist though and more tests and probings. O well. Try not to think about it.Good luck with all the jobs you have lined up Jonathan. That generous Angelica sent us a big package recently too. We were amazed by it.

2:57 AM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

It's baking hot here and gloriously sunny. Time for a bit of gardening methinks.

10:10 AM  

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