Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Couple of Mad Days...

Yesterday... the guys were out painting for an old client in Watertown... they'd all been there before and knew what had to be done. Me... I was dealing with an art presentaion for a corporate client in an highrise downtown. Load up the van at the art consultant, drive it over, unload and get it all upstairs (20th floor). Unwrap it and get it ready for the presentation. The decision makers and the presenter arrive at about the same time and we're off holding pictures against the walls in a fairly vacant space. Somewhere along this process, the powers that be decide I have to move the van from the loading dock... "I'll have to be back in here to pick it all up again in an hour!"... no good... found a metered space after only two go rounds. Back upstairs to find that the construction people had taken away our packing material...go chase that. Luckily, Christy, from the art consultantnt is helping with this. Notes are taken, the artwork is rewrapped and then it downstairs to the loading dock and I bring the van around again. Back over to the art consultants space and we unload it all. From here I go to scrape, sand and put a patch into some water damaged area for a client that's trying to sell their house.
Today... I checked in with the guys in Watertown... for the most part things were fine. Back to the water damaged bits... had it all sorted, I thought... but at the last minute, I saw that the paint was bubbling and splitting. Let it dry proper... and I went off to make a pick up and delivery to one of my earliest painting instructors. I didn't expect him to remember me after 35 years... and he didn't... but he still wanted to show me around and talk about those old days. Boston Brahmin sort... and he's been painting the same, formal, realistic still lives for all these years. Finally pulled myself away from that... back to deal with the blistering paint and seemed to find a solution.
I needed a quick trip to the Plough after all of that.


Blogger michael said...

Glad you were able to find time for a swift pint after all the hecticality of the two mad days.
Its been pretty quiet here but we did manage a trip to the zoo yesterday which was fun. Read all about bits of it in flobberlob.
Just back from town. there was sale in the library- they were sellin g off videos and DVD's for a quid each ( not a quidditch!) and I bought a handful for the rainy summer eveings which we seemt to have a lot of! Films I'd not even heard of "Lava", "Covered in Fat", "Lumpy Lampshades" and " A Night In Hot Gravy"?

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